Comedy Writing

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Jokes I’ve Told That My Male Colleagues Didn’t Like

Poems William Carlos Williams Revised After Being Told By His Agent To “Do More Plums Content!”

Tender Buttons of Messages From My Passive-Aggressive Roommate Gertrude Stein

The Belladonna Comedy

Not-Sexist Playwright Neil LaBute’s New Edgy Feminist Plays

To Re-Enter Comedy or Not to Re-Enter Comedy: That Is Louis C.K.’s Question

Who Said It: New White Male Candidate Eric Swalwell or Newer White Male Candidate Seth Moulton?

Dinosaurs for Girls

Weekly Humorist

Brain Teasers that Tease Your Anxious Brain

Improper Uses of “I Don’t Know Who Needs to Hear This”

Phrases That Could Be in John Hickenlooper’s End-of-Campaign Video, Who Knows, No One’s Watching It

Other Reality Dating Shows Willfully Misinterpreting Famous Love Quotes

Points in Case

What To Say When Someone Grabs Your Hand to Ogle Your Engagement Ring

It’s Me, Good Ol’ Michael-Joe Moderate, Here to Critique These Lefty Ladies Before I Deign to Enter the Race

Your #MeToo “Apology” For Yom Kippur Has Been Rejected

Little Old Lady Comedy

You Say Shallot, We Say Shut Up: How We, NYT Cooking, Invented Those Smelly Beauties

I’m an Independent Woman Who Doesn’t Answer to Anyone, Including the IRS

Google Exit: Our Newest Innovation for Predator Compensation

Male Feminist’s Cover Letter for a Feminist Theatre Internship


Your NYC Housing Application Documents Checklist

Robot Butt

Stranger Things Season 3: Newly-Released Honest Episode Titles